Investing in Efficiency – Way Forward for Hydraulic Valve and Cylinder Manufacturers

Hydraulic product manufacturers are now focussing on efficiency as the way forward towards further growth of their companies. Energy savings are also being focussed on. Efficient energy use can be achieved using closed loop control systems.

Any control system in a hydraulic system consists of several components like hydraulic pump, control valves, actuators, reservoir, accumulators, hydraulic fluid, filters, tubes, pipes, hoses, seals, fittings and connections. Hydraulic fluid flows through the system through various motors and actuators or cylinders. The flow and pressure is controlled using control valves from where the liquid is sent through hoses and tubes. Http:// is the place where you can order by online also.

Hanchen, the German hydraulic cylinder specialist have used technology and developed a cylinders made out of hybrid reinforced carbon fibre polymer after significant research in the new production plant. The cylinders are lighter when compared to the older models. When compared to hydraulic linear drives, the new cylinder is 50% more energy efficient.